Yahoo news guru Budde joins DailyMe start-up

Neil Budde, who left Yahoo in December, becomes president of DailyMe news aggregation site.

Neil Budde, editor-in-chief of news, finance, and sports at Yahoo, has joined a news aggregation start-up called DailyMe where he will be president and chief product officer.

Neil Budde, president and chief product officer of DailyMe. DailyMe

Budde left Yahoo on December 12, 2007. He then joined DailyMe, a site that allows people to customize, schedule, and share news, on Wednesday.

Before joining Yahoo in late 2004, Budde was founding editor and publisher of The Wall Street Journal Online.

Just a few days ago, Yahoo lost another entertainment manager. Ian Rogers, general manager of Yahoo Music, resigned to be chief executive at music start-up Topspin Media.

"I had a great run at Yahoo and have nothing but love for my peoples there. I wasn't looking to leave. On my team in 2008, we released the very cool Yahoo Media Player, purchased and are integrating the incredible FoxyTunes, released a great new version of Yahoo Video, and were working on an insanely cool stealth product (I will cry when I lose VPN access because I'll lose access to my primary music listening vehicle), which I hope still sees the light of day."

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