Yahoo moving to new Web-crawler software

Slurp 3.0, a new generation of the Internet company's indexing software, aims to scour the World Wide Web's content.

Yahoo has begun indexing the World Wide Web with its third-generation software, Slurp 3.0, the company said Monday.

"With everything now in place, the rollout has officially begun," Sharad Verma and Yoram Arnon said in a posting to Yahoo's search blog on Monday.

Unlike top search rival Google, which on Friday revealed its indexing software now is trying to uncover previously hidden pages by filling in Web pages' forms, Yahoo didn't detail what's new with its indexing software.

The company did advise those who watch for indexing software (sometimes called bots, crawlers, and spiders) as it visits their site to update their methodology from the Slurp 2.0 days.

Update 4:35 p.m.: Yahoo officially declined to comment further. I'm all ears if people notice differences in how their Web pages show up in search rankings.

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