Yahoo, Microsoft make gains in search

U.S. search grew 7 percent sequentially in October, but Yahoo and Microsoft posted even larger gains, according to a ComScore report.

Yahoo and Microsoft outperformed the U.S. search industry's 7 percent increase in search results for the month of October, while AOL slipped further behind, according to a ComScore report released Wednesday.

During the month of October, 12.6 billion searches were conducted at home, work, and universities, up 7 percent from September results. Yahoo led the way in growth with a 9 percent increase to 2.6 billion searches, while Microsoft gained 8 percent to 1 billion.

That performance outweighed Google, which posted a 7 percent increase, and far outstripped the struggling AOL unit of Time Warner, which declined by 2 percent in October.

Google, however, still retains a sizable slice of the ever-growing U.S. search pie, holding 63.1 percent of the market share, according to ComScore. And that slice slightly grew last month by 0.2 percent.

Yahoo retained its No. 2 market share position with a 20.5 percent slice, up 0.3 percent. And Microsoft remained status quo with 8.5 percent.

AOL, however, not only saw its U.S. search count decline last month but also its market share, which dipped 0.4 percent, according to ComScore.

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