Yahoo Maps gets drag-and-drop rerouting, enhanced business listings

Yahoo Maps gets a great new upgrade that helps users reroute their driving directions.

Yahoo Maps users can now re-route a trip on the fly. CNET Networks

Yahoo's mapping service has been tweaked today to include a rerouting feature similar to the one Google's had since June. The new addition lets you pick up and drag your directions at any point to get the service to reroute according to the guidelines you give it. Once you've made changes, the service will pop up with a small comparison to show you how many miles have been added (or taken away) and how the change affects the time on your original commute recommendation.

Rerouting is a handy feature, and if you've given Google's implementation a try, you'll know how nice it can be to not have to create two or more separate sets of directions to help get you from point A to point B when including shortcuts or side trips. I have to give a slight nod to Google's version, however, as it shows you street name, mileage, and time estimates while you're in the middle of dragging the marker around.

In addition to directions, Yahoo has also made some slight improvements to the business listings that show up on the map, which now include photos and user ratings that have been pulled in via Yahoo Local. You get to see only one photo and review before having to jump off to the attached Yahoo Local page. The process isn't nearly as seamless as Google Maps, which allows users to read several while remaining on the page, but it makes the service feel like more of a directory.

Yahoo Maps has rolled out some pretty cool features this year, including a send-to-car option, an all new look, travel maps, and tighter integration with Flickr.

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