Yahoo IM affected by ActiveX vulnerabilities

Three different ActiveX vulnerabilities affect Yahoo Instant Messenger version 3.5, and Yahoo Messenger versions 4.0, 5.0, and 5.5

On the heels of ActiveX vulnerabilities in the image uploading tools for Facebook and, researchers warned Monday that Yahoo Instant Messenger and Yahoo Messenger are vulnerable to ActiveX-based attacks.

Researcher Elazar Broad has disclosed a Boundary Condition vulnerability within mediagrid.dll, version 2.2.2 56. Researchers Krystian Kloskowski and Broad have disclosed a second Boundary Condition vulnerability within datagrid.dll, version 2.2.2 56c. And Kloskowski alone has disclosed a buffer overflow within datagrid.dll 2.2.2 56, which affects the AddImage function.

The three vulnerabilities are present within Yahoo Instant Messenger version 3.5 and Yahoo Messenger versions 4.0, 5.0, and 5.5, and could allow an attacker to compromise affected systems.

There are no known public exploits for these at this time. There is no patch available.

The existing workaround includes enabling the ActiveX control for each. Microsoft provides more details here. The specific CLSIDs for the ActiveX controls involved are:

Yahoo! MediaGrid: CLSID 22FD7C0A-850C-4A53-9821-0B0915C96139
Yahoo! DataGrid: CLSID 5F810AFC-BB5F-4416-BE63-E01DD117BD6C2

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