Xerox offers the 2nd Wi-Fi cordless scanner

Xerox decides to compete with itself for battery-operated, wireless scanners.

The Xerox Mobile Scanner uses a bundled Eye-Fi card for wireless scanning and upload. Xerox

Though it's not the first as its press release claims, the Xerox Mobile Scanner is a nifty little battery-powered model that uses a 4GB Eye-Fi SD card to connect to Wi-Fi networks for uploading scanned images to mobile devices.

LAS VEGAS--In a bit of a bizarre move, Xerox announced its Xerox Mobile Scanner as the first battery-operated, Wi-Fi-connected scanner. Except Xerox owns Visioneer, which announced the first battery-operated, Wi-Fi connected scanner back in October. They both operate via a bundled Eye-Fi card for the wireless connection, though the hardware looks different. The Visioneer Mobility Air is also cheaper, $199 to the Xerox's $249.

Not the strangest thing we'll see at CES, but kinda annoying.

Update: According to the PR rep, it's the *PDF* transmission capability that sets it apart. Well, then, obviously completely different.

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