Xbox One perks are subscription only

Microsoft reveals more details about the Xbox One, YouTube's founders launch video app MixBite, and an '80s game gets hidden inside YouTube for Geek Week.

CNET Update needs to work on its missile commanding skills:


In this episode of Update:

- Watch Microsoft unbox its own Xbox One, which doesn't come out for another three months. Also, learn what features require a Xbox Live Gold subscription, and how that differs from the PS4.

- Find your lost or misplaced Android phone with the newly released Android Device Manager. The program also lets users remotely wipe their data, if the phone gets in the wrong hands.

- Try out MixBit, the new video-editing app from YouTube's founders. Users can stitch small video clips together -- and even use clips from other people.

- Channel your inner gaming geek and defend YouTube videos in the hidden Missile Command game. After a video begins to play, type "1980" -- and then good luck getting work done for the rest of the day.


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