Xbox 720 may pack 3D tech, job listing hints

Rumor has it that the next Xbox 720 might have a touch-screen controller. Now, a job listing on Microsoft's site hints at something else for the gaming console.

A job listing on Microsoft's site suggests the software behemoth could be planning to bake 3D tech into the next Xbox console .

The listing, spotted by BGR and posted on the console maker's Web site, is for an "Algorithm Research & Development Engineer for Xbox team" to work for Microsoft in Israel.

It asks for people who are keen on "image processing algorithm and 3D imaging technologies, which will serve millions through the world."

"Responsibilities include algorithm design and implementation into state of the art 3D imaging systems," the listing continues.

It's a million miles from conclusive, though in January gaming site IGN reported that the next Xbox (dubbed the Xbox 720--a number that will make sense to anyone who knows their maths or ever played Tony Hawk's) will sport a processor that supports 3D.

Read more " Xbox 720 may pack 3D tech, job spec hints " at Crave UK.

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