Xbox 360 fall dashboard update details revealed

Outlining the dashboard update that will be released on December 4.

Starting December 4, Xbox 360 owners will be able to download the latest dashboard update from Microsoft. While we announced earlier in the month that this update would allow users to download original Xbox titles, this update will also add various additional features to the console's interface. Since dashboard updates are only released bi-yearly, they are usually packed with a hefty amount of changes and this fall update is no different:

  • Xbox LIVE Arcade hits: Best-selling Xbox LIVE Arcade games like Marble Blast Ultra and Lumines LIVE will be available at permanently discounted prices.

  • New video features: Support for full-screen video previews and, more importantly, support for the DivX video codec (version 5.0 and higher).

  • Inside Xbox: A direct newsfeed from Microsoft outlining up-to-the-minute information regarding Xbox LIVE and the Marketplace.

  • Enhanced parental controls: New features include a timer that can limit the amount of time a child can play per day or week.

  • Enhanced online profile: Allows members to add more information about themselves and limit who can see it on Xbox LIVE.

  • Enchanced friends list access: Gamers can now see the friends list of other members of Xbox LIVE.

  • Improved navigation: Game Store and Video Store buttons will be added to the interface, further simplifying navigation.

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