Xbox 360 details leaked

Looks like Xbox fans might not have to sweat it out 'til Thursday to glimpse the console's successor.

While Microsoft will give the public its first glimpse of the next Xbox during a 30-minute global MTV broadcast this week, the show was already taped in Los Angeles. According to a Monday report from GameSpot, some of those in attendance interpreted "sworn to secrecy" to mean "snap digital pics and post them on the Web."

Besides capturing the much-anticipated Xbox 360 itself, according to GameSpot, the stealth shots show three peripherals, including the console's controller.

The pics apparently confirm the so-called "ring of light" theory, which said the device would sport an oversize power button surrounded by a ring of LEDs and also posited that it would feature two slots for 64MB memory cards and one for a 40GB hard drive on the console's side.

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