Write on! A fridge with something to say

This minifridge incorporates a dry-erase board, markers, and marker storage to do double duty as a communication center in small spaces.

Write on, baby. Haier

Shared offices and dorm rooms are places where space is at a premium. Products that do double duty are a given, as are compact versions of important appliances. The Write Fridge from Haier meets both needs.

Its small size fits into tight spaces, and the integrated dry-erase board, included markers, and specially designed marker storage make it a truly useful addition to your room or office. Think about it: you can scribble threats ("Eat my Chinese food and die") or more practical notes ("Buy milk!!!") the moment you think of them, and you have a place where you know everyone will look.

As expected in a fridge this size, you'll get a half-width freezer compartment, a full-width slide-out shelf, and full- and half-width door storage. You can even fit 2-liter bottles inside and serve cold soda to a crowd.

This fridge would make an ideal gift for a college-bound student, and it could fit right in any small office kitchen. Find it in stores in April.

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