Wrap-a-Nap turns your head into a pillow

Move over, Snuggie. It's a combo of earmuffs, blindfold, and long pillow that you wrap around your head to block out noise and light and have a soft place to land.

I wish I were doing this right now. Wrap-a-Nap

When it comes to nap time, I usually just go the Quaalude route, but some people don't have the same friendly doctor I have. So I would like the rest of you to meet the Wrap-a-Nap, or WAN for short. It's a combination blindfold/pillow/earmuffs that you wrap around your head to seal out the world around and have a soft place to rest your melon.

It's funny-looking but honestly a great idea from the "why didn't I think of this?" department. While I normally can find a decent place to nap, that's not always the case. I could see myself needing one of these for air travel, provided I found myself with a window seat and not sitting between an arguing couple from Russia like last flight.

The thing comes in fleece in a variety of colors with awesome names like Bear, The Executive, and Poseidon. Those would also be great names for mustaches. Mine's called Smokey.

And it's only $15 (plus $4 shipping in the U.S.). That puts the Wrap-a-Nap at a pretty decent price point for a half-gag gift. If anyone wants my shipping address, let me know.

The adjustable Velcro fastener means it'll fit even the largest heads, like mine. Wrap-a-Nap

(Via Gizmodo)

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