Woz's Mini Me

"Woz"--the latest in an Apple-themed collection of PodBrix Minifigs (short for Minifigures)--goes on sale Thursday at 6 p.m. PDT at PodBrix.com. Diehard collectors should act quickly--there are only 300 units available in what creator "Tomi" calls a limited edition.

Credit: PodBrix

A caricature of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, the Woz figure will sell for $24.99 and stands just 1.75 inches tall. Included is a pre-assembled Lego backdrop in the "the appropriate retro computing colors," says Tomi, who has signed the back of each unit.

PodBrix's collection of the modified little people who populate Lego worlds includes the 1K Brix, "Keynote" (of the other Steve), and "Mr. Brix," all of which sold out almost immediately following their release.

Those who aren't able to buy Woz at the PodBrix site might want to check eBay, where several Podbrix products are for sale.

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