'World's toughest phone' asks to be tortured

Military-spec handset braves shock, water, wind, dust, dirt, extreme temperatures, and Swedes.

Sonim Technologies

The "world's toughest phone" will take on Europe, starting with Stockholm.

The new military-spec, Bluetooth, and push-to-talk GSM Sonim XP1 is engineered for outdoor sports enthusiasts and those who work in harsh environments, certified to withstand shock, water, wind, dust, dirt, and extreme temperatures, the U.S.-based mobile Sonim Technologies announced. And not that you'll need it, but there's also a three-year, unconditional warranty (PDF).

Yeah, we've heard all this before--how tough could it be? Well, the company is so confident that it's invited bloggers and journalists across Europe to "torture-test" the "indestructible" mobile phone and publicize the results on its campaign blog. You can go here to watch someone tee off on an XP1 with a 9-iron.

"The Sonim XP1 doesn't die when exposed to the elements. It can be dropped, kicked, tossed into a toolbox or backpack," Sonim CEO Bob Plaschke boasts. "If you're standing on a construction site with a welding tool in your hand, or are sitting in a catamaran with a hard wind in your face, you really don't need a fashion accessory or a multimedia monster. You need a dependable working tool like the new XP1."

The "world's toughest" tour will visit Örebro, Eskilstuna, Västerås, Norrköping, Jönköping, Göteborg, Halmstad, Helsingborg, Malmö and Uppsala before ending up back in Stockholm.

'Tis a proud day for Swedes. It was also announced today that a museum will be opened in Stockholm honoring the Swedish pop group ABBA, featuring interactive displays telling the band's story. Break out the Akvavit.

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