World's quickest street-legal e-car--a 1972 Datsun?

You read that right.

We've given a lot of pixels to electric cars recently, especially the hot Tesla Roadster. But there's one electric car that can dust the Tesla and all the others off the line. It's a 1972 Datsun.

Meet the White Zombie from Plasma Boy Racing. John Wayland of Portland, Ore., made the unassuming small car in his garage as a project, and now the custom-made electric powerhouse is taking the drag strips by storm. In the video above, it toasts a bad-ass-looking Corvette, much to the 'vette owner's chagrin.

We're not sure how practical a car like this would be, as it has to be recharged after each heat, but man it looks like it'd be fun to drive.

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