World of 'Futurama' rebuilt in Legos

The animated sci-fi sitcom has been canceled, revived, syndicated, made into movies, and then revived again. And now it's in Legos.

Futurama in Legos
Matt De Lanoy worked overtime to a build a 5x7-foot Lego version of the "Futurama" universe for the Lego builder extravaganza Brickworld 2010 (click to enlarge). Flickr/Pepa Quin

"Futurama" is a show that just won't die. Since premiering in 1999, the animated sci-fi sitcom has been cancelled, revived, syndicated, made into movies, and then revived again on three different networks (new episodes started up last week on Comedy Central) and over a collection of DVDs. Now it's in Legos.

Lego builder and graphic artist Matt De Lanoy has spent more than two years reconstructing the 31st-century world of "Futurama" out of the plastic bricks. The display measures about 5x7 feet and is incredibly detailed; you can tell the man knows his Legos.

The gallery below shows a few parts of New York and other settings from the show, but to really get an appreciation of the time and detail De Lanoy put into his hobby obsession, check out his full Flickr collection. I wish I had the time to put together something like this, but I can't even free myself up to put together my IKEA bookshelves.

Correction, 1:32 p.m. PDT: The original story misstated the year that "Futurama" premiered. It was 1999.

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