WordPerfect glitches

WordPerfect glitches

Print envelopes crash Several printing related problems were reported to occur when running WordPerfect 3.5.3 under Mac OS 8. These were mostly fixed by the update to WordPerfect 3.5.4. However, Bob Carr claims that one still exists (at least on his PPC 604e Power Computing machine). He writes: "When using 'Print Envelope' and attempting to reposition the location of the return address with the 'hand' cursor," a crash reliably occurs.

Kaleidoscope conflict Meanwhile, Jeffrey Goldman claims there is a conflict between WordPerfect and Kaleidoscope 1.7.2 (I am still trying to check whether or not it has been fixed in the new 1.7.3 update). He writes: "WordPerfect customized the Save As dialog boxes with dual arrows. These are not picked up by Kaleidoscope and, as a result, no access to saving in any other format is possible. Corel replied: 'I have verified that Kaleidoscope 1.7.2 conflicts with WordPerfect, and will not allow you to use the Format or Retain options within the Save As dialog box within WordPerfect.'"


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