Wolfram Alpha holding live Q&A Thursday

Company founder Stephen Wolfram will take live questions during a Thursday Webcast on Wolfram Alpha, Wolfram's new 'computational engine.'

Wolfram Research's Stephen Wolfram will take live questions over the Internet Thursday on Wolfram Alpha. Wolfram Research

Wolfram Research is looking for feedback on its new Wolfram Alpha service.

The company plans to hold a Webcast Thursday at 2 p.m. PDT on Justin.tv to discuss Wolfram Alpha, now entering its third week of existence. "We thought you'd enjoy hearing Stephen Wolfram respond to some of this feedback directly," Wolfram said in a blog post Monday afternoon.

CNET readers had plenty of feedback for Wolfram Alpha following its initial debut, marred by technical glitches and an incomplete understanding of how the service was meant to be used. Anyone who didn't get a chance to pose their comments, or still had questions after our comprehensive look at Wolfram Alpha, might want to participate in the Webcast.

We'll also be watching the Webcast, and will report on the questions and answers posed to Stephen Wolfram on Thursday afternoon.

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