With iOS 7 launch, expect AirDrop drama

Apple's mobile devices get the iOS 7 upgrade Wednesday, and with it comes a way for nearby strangers to send you unsolicited photos and videos. Also, Apple offers older versions of apps for those using older iOS, and Google Wallet rolls out to all Android phones.

CNET Update is AirDropping this to everyone:


Apple's iOS 7 is rolling out to iPhones, iPads and the latest iPod Touch on Wednesday. This episode of Update gets you prepared for what to expect in the new operating system, including AirDrop. The new way of wirelessly sharing files to other nearby Apple users will be convenient, but it also holds potential for annoyance. With the feature turned on, will sending unsolicited photos to nearby girls at a bar be a new pick-up tactic? Will retail stores push out advertisements to those passing by at the mall? It will be interesting to watch the development of how people and businesses use AirDrop.

For those that don't plan on upgrading to iOS 7 -- or perhaps don't have the ability -- have no fear of losing out on apps. Devices with older versions of iOS cannow download older versions of apps that are compatible. Previously, some apps required the latest version of iOS to be downloaded.

And there's some love for Android users this week, too. The Google Wallet app is rolling out to all Android devices, but it doesn't mean everyone will get the tap-to-pay ability. The app lets users send money to any U.S. resident with an e-mail address. It also stores barcodes from loyalty and rewards cards, to lighten your actual wallet.


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