Wireless speakerphone for chaotic households

GE adds a component to its latest land-line system, though we're not sure who would use it.


Introducing the latest appliance for today's digital household: the wireless speakerphone.

No longer associated only with office conferences, the speakerphone is finding its way into kitchens and family rooms as well. Granted, there are many other variations built into answer machines or the handsets themselves, but they're often afterthought functions that don't emphasize quality. So GE's newest land-line system that uses DECT technology has added a cordless speakerphone that features "True Digital Sound" for "enhanced voice reception."

We're still not sure who would need something like this, unless you're a telecommuting parent who is constantly talking to clients while chasing toddlers around the house with a laundry basket in each hand. If that's the case, however, you've got more problems than any speakerphone can solve. And pray that you never need a video phone.

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