Wired clothing for working up a sweat

Finally, some summertime wear

It comes in black too

Leave it to the Aussies to create wearable technology for all seasons. Most of the wired clothing we've seen has been more appropriate for cooler climes (and looking pretty dorky at times). But summer will be here before we know it, and we don't have a thing to wear.

Koyono, a company from the land Down Under, is catering to the beach set with its "BlackCoat" short-sleeved shirt-jacket. Koyono's Web site doesn't detail the technical specs for its latest offering, but we assume it'll use the same technology as its heavier coats, which include controls sewn into a removable strip near the button holes. There's also a special pocket with a 30-pin connector that's perfectly sized for an iPod.

This may call for a special Crave outing to Sydney, where we hear the tiki bars never close.

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