WinZip goes a Googling

WinZip Computing is offering to do more than just compress and decompress users' files these days. It's throwing in the added bonus of bundling in Google's Toolbar and Google Desktop Search with its WinZip evaluation install - but do users realize it?

As noted in a recent BetaNews article on the matter, users who do not opt out of installing Google's software will get it by default. And what does this do for Google's mantra of "don't be evil."

But Edwin Siebesma, WinZip's top dude, says his company makes it "very clear" what folks are getting when they perform WinZip's install evaluation - including the Google download. He also noted it's a small download of a mere 3.88 MB.

Siebesma says he's providing users the convenience of getting both the toolbar and desktop search with one easy install. Google, in turn, gets a popular distribution channel to populate users' browsers with its toolbar and desktop search. And WinZip Computing gets a financial incentive from Google.

Is there such thing as a win-win-win situation?


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