WING Lounge Chair

WING Lounge Chair - Memory foam for your designer lounge chair.

WING Lounge Chair
WING Lounge Chair LYX Furniture and Light

*phew* Sorry its been a little quiet the last week, ever notice how everything sometimes comes down on you at once? Be it work, personal, business, family, new site launches, etc etc etc, oh how the list goes on. But, i'm back! And have some exciting fun new design finds to share with you.

You know how there's nothing quite like sinking into your temperpedic/memory foam/NASA developed craziness of a mattress? Well imagine that... all around you... in a designer lounge chair and ottoman? I wish i could tell you i was writing this from that chair now, but no such luck. This WING Lounge Chair is designed by Michael Malmborg, and "A reincarnation of the classic wing chair, created for the future. This recliner is made for serious cocooning and is the closest you can get to weightlessness. The upholstery in the Wing Chair is made by open cell visco elastic memory foam"

And as if we needed more reasons to be in complete awe of this wonder: "WING Lounge Chair is the first and only chair ever to be certified by The Space Foundation - tested and recognized by NASA. WING is also the biggest single piece of bendwood ever used to create a chair."

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