Wine & Movie - Coppola Style

Wine & Movie - Coppola Style - a 3L bottle of wine with a DVD built in to the bottom...

Francis Ford Coppola Wines
What is better than a nice bottle of wine and a movie to curl up with? How about a 3 liter bottle of wine, with a DVD built into the bottom? Yes? Well don't worry, Francis Ford Coppola is one step ahead of you, and he has JUST that set up ready for you... if you want to watch Apocalypse Now, or One From The Heart (see image after the jump). And what wine is perfect to pair with such films? A 3 liter bottle of their 2004 Francis Coppola Reserve Syrah apparently. This collectible is an online exclusive, so browse here if you are ready to drop $225 on the Apocalypse Now set or $160 on One From The Heart. (via Porous Walker on

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