Windows Store hits 100,000 apps: Impressed?

Windows Store has now officially logged 100,000 apps. Microsoft got there in a hurry, too. Not all apps are created equal, though.

Windows Store now has 100,000 apps.
Windows Store now has 100,000 apps. Microsoft

Microsoft's Windows Store has hit the 100,000 apps mark in short order.

"Thanks for a great \\build! Just passed 100k apps in the Windows Store," Microsoft tweeted earlier today.

That was fast. Windows 8 was launched only last October.

How fast? Google took longer to reach that point -- roughly two years after the Android Market formally opened for business.

And it took about a year and a half for the iPad to garner 100,000 iPad-specific apps. "The platform has been out for 453 days, with developers getting access to its software development kit in January 2010, on the day the product was first announced," CNET wrote at the time.

Microsoft released the Windows 8 Developer Preview in September of 2011.

WinBeta isn't impressed, however, with Microsoft's milestone. "While some of you might be impressed with the 100k mark, I am not," a post said on the site this afternoon.

The post went on to say -- replete with screen shots -- that some apps are essentially "spam" that speak more to quantity than quality.

Problem is, every platform has its share of relatively useless apps. Though it is worth pointing out the fact that numbers alone and how fast you get to those numbers isn't necessarily an indication of a platform's superiority.

[Via WinBeta and The Verge]

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