Windows Media Center plug-in puts Netflix in living room

Manage your Netflix queue on your TV with this Media Center plug-in.

Do you find Windows Media Center's blue, remote controlled façade easier to navigate than the cold red, white, and yellow world of Netflix? Then check out Andrew Park's new plug-in for the Vista version of Windows Media Center called MyNetflix. The plug-in lets users link to their Netflix account, search for movies, and make changes to their queue without leaving the couch.

Users navigating from their computers can also partake in Netflix's streaming service, letting them watch movies without having to wait discs to come in the mail. Because of the reliance on software, users enjoying Media Center via extenders (read: the XBOX 360) cannot partake in the streaming--that is, unless they've got their PC hooked up directly to the TV, or are planning to get one of those newfangled Netflix Watch Now-enabled set-top boxes due to arrive later this year.

The software is in "beta" and we haven't tested it out, but if you're a Netflix user who happens to use Media Center, this is definitely the missing link.

[via Engadget]

Watch your 'Watch Now' streaming movies from Netflix on big TVs in a more eyeball-friendly manner with this Vista Media Center plug-in. Anthony Park /
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