Windows 7 to come in 'Steve Ballmer' edition

The "signature edition" of Windows 7 Ultimate is going to those hosting house parties. It bears a resemblance to the Bill Gates version of Vista.

In case you were worried there weren't enough versions of Windows 7, there's one more to add to the collection.

It's the Steve Ballmer "signature edition." Under the hood it's Windows 7 Ultimate, but on the outside it's got a snazzy look plus the autograph of Microsoft's chief executive. It's not unlike what Microsoft did with Vista, though in that case it was Bill Gates adding his John Hancock to the packaging.

Microsoft is giving those who host a Windows 7 house party a Steve Ballmer edition of Windows 7, not unlike this Bill Gates version of Windows Vista Ultimate.

For now, the Ballmer edition is going to those who host one of the Windows 7 house parties.

Microsoft won't say where else, if anywhere, it plans to offer the Ballmer-autographed version. The Gates version of Vista was sold on Amazon, although I later spotted one at CompUSA when it was going out of business.

The Ballmer edition came to light after one Windows enthusiast got their party kit early after complaining to Ballmer that they weren't eligible to participate because of their location. Eventually, they were sent a party kit anyway, including the Ballmer version of Windows.

Windows 7, at least in all its other versions, goes on sale October 22. Stay tuned on whether you will be able to get the Ballmer version.

Update 4:30 p.m PT: Here's a photo of the Ballmer pack, courtesy of Microsoft's M3 Sweatt.

M3 Sweatt

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