Win some (TomeViewer); Lose some (AppleVision Recovery)

Win some (TomeViewer); Lose some (AppleVision Recovery)

a. Several readers (including Salman Abdulali, Simon Wicker and Steve Graff) pointed out that the TomeViewer utility (mentioned last time) is available online - if you want to download a 2Mb developers' Installer SDK Tools package to get it. The package contains an assortment of utilities; TomeViewer (version 1.1.1b3) is one of them. To get it, click here or here.

b. The link to get the AppleVision Recovery software (as mentioned previously) no longer works. You now get a message that says no anonymous ftp access allowed. The link worked before I posted it. So my guess is that it was shut down after being posted here and attempts to access it went up. If you wanted it, I hope you were lucky enough to get it before access was denied.



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