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iBUYPOWER launches video PC line with YouTube contest.


iBuyPower announced a new line of PCs for the video enthusiast today; and to celebrate, it is launching a YouTube contest. The winner of the Favorite Gaming Moments YouTube contest gets an iBuypower Video Pro desktop and a $2,000 gift card. Upload a video recreating your favorite gaming moment, and the winner will be selected from a group of 10 finalists by the YouTube community. The contest runs through August, and the final voting closes mid-September.

iBuypower says the three new desktops are ideal for amateur videographers to create and edit video content for the Web. Based on each system's specs, we're not inclined to disagree:

The Video Bot comes in an NZXT Apollo case with an Intel Core 2 Q9300 processor, Nvidia GeForce 9800GT graphics card, 4GB of 800MHz DDR2 RAM, dual-layer DVD burner, two 500GB hard drives, an 800W power supply, and 64-bit Windows Vista Home Premium. MSRP: $1,299.

The Video Pro is housed in a Gigabyte Poseidon case with an Intel Core 2 Q9550 processor, ATI Radeon HD 4850 graphics card with 8GB of 800MHz DDR2 RAM, a Blu-ray Burner, two 500GB hard drives, an 800W power supply, and 64-bit Windows Vista Home Premium. MSRP: $1,799

The high-end Video Extreme uses a Thermaltake Armor case, with an Intel Core 2 QX9770 CPU, ATI Radeon HD 4870 graphics card, 8GB of 1,333MHz DDR3 RAM, a Blu-ray Burner, a 64GB solid-state drive for the OS, two 1TB storage drives, and a 1200W power supply all running on 64-bit Windows Vista Ultimate. MSRP: $4,299

All systems ship with a 12-in-1 card reader, Adobe Premier Elements 4.0, and Pinnacle Dazzle DVD recorder.

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