Will Verizon offer a new all-in package?

Verizon Wireless reportedly will offer unlimited text and picture messaging, and V Cast for about $20 a month.

Will the big V offer unlimited SMS, MMS and VCAST? Verizon Wireless

There have been multiple reports on the Web that Verizon Wireless will offer a package with unlimited texts, picture messages, and their V Cast service starting April 15.

Representatives from Verizon haven't confirmed or denied this, but Engadget Mobile said "it appears that the single line plans cost about $20 more and family share plans start at $99.99 for 700 minutes."

This package is a good way to take advantage of phones like the Samsung SCH-u740 because you could text until your fingers bleed. And while some may scoff at paying that much for texting, it's actually a bargain if you (or your teen) is a mad texter. Currently, big V has a text plan that cost about $20 a month for 2,500 texts. Nimble-thumbed teenagers can burn through those in a long weekend.

If anything, it's a bargain for V Cast subscribers who are shelling out $15 a month (not including the premium content). More than likely, this new package will not include Verizon's recently launchedV Cast TV.

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