Will Tom Perkins slag former HP chair Patty Dunn tomorrow?

Attendees at the VentureOne Outlook Conference in San Francisco tomorrow have one good reason for getting there before lunch: an opportunity to hear and see more Hewlett-Packard fireworks.

The lunchtime speaker at the conference is Tom Perkins, a partner emeritus at Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers and a former HP board member. Tom's topic is "The Evolution of the 'Compliance' Board and the 'Plug to Plug' Compatible Director."

What? Tom was the HP board member who clashed with former chairman Patty Dunn. According to several articles, Perkins objected to Dunn's strict focus on compliance board room procedures as well as Dunn's participation in the pretexting scandal.

Dunn, meanwhile, has said Perkins ran a disinformation campaign against her and attacked her out as part of a personal vendetta. Dunn also noted that, had Perkins complied with boardroom procedures, the spying scandal may never have erupted.

Perkins resigned and then went public about how HP sought the phone records of board members, reporters and other people.

It should beat the usual PowerPoint slide deck tracing progress from mainframes through client-server.



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