Will LG's 'Opus' TVs live up to their name?

It's a branding that oozes money.

Electronic House

"Opus" is one of those brand names that oozes money, whether it be wine, cigars or any other top-of-the-line item. So why not cash in on that cachet, which other companies have spent millions to create?

That's precisely what LG hopes to do with its new high-end series of LCD TVs by that name, which is its answer to the likes of Sony's Bravia and Sharp's Aquos. LG launched the brand in appropriate style at Christie's in Manhattan, though the effect was somewhat diluted by the presence of other LG products such as a TV refrigerator and steam dryer. (You can take the company out of the kitchen, but...)

LG's version of the "Opus" will be a line of 42-, 47- and 57-inch LCDs in full 1080p resolution that will ship in September at prices ranging from $2,500 to $4,500, according to Electronic House. Specs include such things as TruMotion and TruColor technologies that are supposed to improve picture clarity and color, but we'll leave that to the expertise of TV gurus like fellow Craver David Katzmaier. As for us, we just wish LG would have bundled the new sets with the wine and cigars.

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