Will buy lame businesses for millions

Why is it that I can't sell a lame business for lots of money?

I was having this conversation with my good friend (and O'Reilly Alpha Tech Ventures managing partner) Bryce Roberts this morning:

Matt Asay (9:34)
Was just reading about Bebo's $850M AOL acquisition

I want to come up with nothing and have someone overpay for it, too

Bryce Roberts (9:35)
I like that idea a lot

Matt Asay (9:35)
Yes, but too many people are already doing it. It's a crowded market. :-)

To think that we were on to the Next Big Thing (Come up with a weak product and have someone overpay for it), and too many people are already doing it. But if anyone wants to buy the business from me, I'll sell it at a fire sale price: $100 million.

No? Well, guess I'd better get back to working on a real business. :-)

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