Wil Wheaton turns 'Game of Thrones' into 'The Brady Bunch'

On the latest episode of "The Wil Wheaton Project," Wheaton gives us the "Game of Thrones" opening sequence we never knew we needed.

The opening title sequence of HBO's "Game of Thrones" is pretty incredible. In fact, it's so good that dedicated fans are applying it to other beloved franchises like Super Mario Bros and Legend of Zelda, and it's been played on the likes of an NESkeytar and wine glasses.

Though it gives viewers a look at the lands and houses of Westeros and beyond, it doesn't really highlight the complicated relationships among the characters. Actor Wil Wheaton recognized this and, on the latest episode of "The Wil Wheaton Project," gave "Game of Thrones" fans the opening sequence they deserve, turning to the popular 1970s-era show "The Brady Bunch" for inspiration.

We have to admit that Wheaton's new intro is pretty good, and anyone who disagrees will find their head on a spike. Because that's the way we all play the "Game of Thrones."

The "Game of Thrones" Bunch, featuring Peter Dinklage as The Imp. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

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