WiiWare and Virtual Console releases for this week

This week brings us a classic Mario Golf game and some bowling after dark.

This week brings us a classic Mario Golf game and some bowling after dark.

  • Midnight Bowling (Gameloft, 800 Wii points): Midnight Bowling offers various game modes and a brand new physics system allowing for realistic bowling action. Play with up to three friends in various bowling alley environments.
  • MadStone (Riverman Media, 800 Wii points): In this puzzle game, you must control the path for elemental MadStones as you attempt to restore peace to Earth. Enjoy the game alone or co-op with a friend.
    Virtual Console
  • Mario Golf (1999, Nintendo 64, 1,000 Wii points): Mario and company hit the links in the fantastic golf game from the Nintendo 64 era. Tee off through six different 18-hole courses and choose any of your favorite Nintendo characters.
  • Shining Force II (1994, Sega Gensis, 800 Wii points): Two missing jewels from the Tower of the Ancients has lead to the resurrection of the Devil King. You must take on the role of Bowie and must find the missing jewels, ending the Devil King's reign.

What games do you think are missing from the Wii Virtual Console? Sound off here!

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