Wii's Mii-maker inspires celebrity avatars

Nintendo Mii Channel inspires a cult of sharing formulas for making celebrity avatars.

Harrison Ford as Han Solo in Star Wars and martial arts expert Chuck Norris
Harrison Ford as Han Solo in Star Wars and martial arts expert Chuck Norris Autx/ShowMii.com

As anyone who has managed to get their hands on a Nintendo Wii will shamefully admit, one of its most fun features is the Mii Channel, its easy-to-use avatar creation tool.

While that's not news, the phenomenon of celebrity avatars making their way across cyberspace is. People are sharing formulas for making celebrities and Wii console numbers to become friends so they can share avatars. There are several sites dedicated to the celebrity-inspired Miis and even contests to see who's making the best one.

Celebrities include everyone from Ali G to Zach Braf. Many of them can be found on Mii-dedicated sites such as the MiiPlaza, ShowMii.com or MiiLikeWii.com.

There are several online Mii generators, like Joystiq and the Mii Editor that even simulate Nintendo's Mii Channel tool, so that anyone can create a Mii.

Click here for our full gallery of celebrity Miis, or CelebrMiis as some call them.

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