Wii virtual console releases for this week--I hear crickets

Wii virtual console releases for the week of July 30.

Not every week can be a great week for Wii virtual console gaming. Unfortunately, this is one of those weeks. Here are the less than spectacular Wii virtual console releases for the week of July 30.

  • Star Soldier (1988, NES, 500 Wii points)--A game that set the bar for vertically scrolling shooters, Star Soldier was the first in the Soldier series.

  • Dynamite Headdy (1994, Sega Genesis, 800 Wii points)--Dynamite Headdy is a comic action game that will surely attract the attention of fans of classic platformers.

  • Drop Off (1990, Turbografx 16, 600 Wii points)--Drop Off is an arcade puzzler in which you need to smash blocks with a ball. Think Arkanoid meets Bust-a-Move.
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