Wii to bundle Sports Resort, MotionPlus

Starting May 9, Nintendo's console package will add the Sports Resort title and MotionPlus controller with no price increase.

Each console will come with Wii Sports Resort, Wii Sports, a Wiimote, Nunchuk controller, and MotionPlus controller. Nintendo

Nintendo is dangling a new incentive for Wii purchases.

Starting May 9, the company will include its Wii Sports Resort game and MotionPlus controller with new consoles--with no price increase.

The Sports Resort and MotionPlus bundle sells separately for $49.99.

The Wii, which will continue to sell in the U.S. at its current price of $199, will also be offered with a new black finish. The black version will be bundled with black controllers.

Each Wii package--whether black or traditional white--will still also include the Wii remote control, a Nunchuk controller, and the Wii Sports title.

Sports Resort features athletic competitions, including archery, basketball, bowling, golf, cycling, and sword fighting. The MotionPlus controller is designed to provide greater accuracy and control in game play. In addition to working with Sports Resort, MotionPlus is also compatible with some other games, including Electronics Arts' Tiger Woods PGA Tour and Grand Slam Tennis.

Rumors of the new bundle and black finish surfaced last week with a leaked GameStop ad circular.

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