Why is Spotlight using 98% of my MacBook Air CPU?

Anyone know what is killing my piece of junk MacBook Air?

UPDATED: August 19, 2008 7:42pm

Problem solved. It was a hanging process that got triggered when I installed a new VPN client. The weird thing was it could only be killed via the command line and didn't show up in the Activity Monitor

Why is Spotlight using 98% of my CPU?
Why is Spotlight using 98% of my CPU? Dave's failing MacBook Air
This MacBook Air goes from decent, to bad, to terrible, back to decent and now into the ridiculous.

Even when running zero applications there are pieces of Apple software that are doing very strange things. The latest issue is that Spotlight is somehow using 98% of my CPU horsepower and the total percentage used is 114.4% which really shouldn't be possible.

Any of you Mac guys out there have any ideas? I killed my replacement Thinkpad battery by accident when I didn't put it into suspend or hibernate.

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