Why is Facebook suddenly so popular among we geezers?

I've been getting Facebooked at a furious pace. Why? What has changed?

Up until a week or two ago, I never used Facebook. My brother made me sign up and join so that I could be his "friend," and that's where I left it. Facebook still held a "college frat boy" stigma for me.

Over the past week, however, I've had a gazillion (well, 10-15) invitations to be a "friend" on Facebook. (I really hate that nomenclature, btw. These people are my friends, but they don't become my friend by linking to me on Facebook. It just feels weird.) What gives? Is it National Facebook Week and I just didn't know it?

And what am I supposed to do with these "Facebook friends?" I used LinkedIn to look for job candidates for my company, but the most action I've seen on Facebook came today when Lonn Johnston "Zombie'd" me...whatever that means. I've never actively solicited the opportunity to be bitten by another man:

Did Facebook do something this week that made it the invitation-network du jour (or, rather, de la semaine)? I can't figure it out, but I'm still waiting for someone to invite me to the kegger at the frat house. So long as they serve Fresca or milk, I'm there.

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