Why is creepy Google Glass-type pick-up video popular?

A video from Infinity Augmented Reality suggests that Google Glass-type glasses will help you attract women back to your apartment, no matter how creepy you are. It's already enjoyed more than 1.5 million YouTube views.

Yes, you can know everything about her without even asking. InfinityAR/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

"You don't happen to be a Gemini, do you?"

This is the sort of informed question that the likes of Google Glass will help you with when you're looking for love, or one of its related experiences.

It is the sort of informed question that will help you attract members of your target sex and lure them back to your apartment for earnest discussion.

This seems to be the conclusion from a YouTube video that has enjoyed remarkable success (more than 1.5 million views) and yet might leave some needing to readjust their future-focus.

It was created on behalf of the InfintyAR, a company that, in its own words, "makes the digital eyewear experience (i.e. Meta, Google Glass) a reality."

And what a reality. Here we have a self-confident, Ferrari-driving New Yorker, wandering into bars in search, perhaps, of the woman of his (temporary) dreams.

He is, to some, the apogee of sophistication. To others, he might appear to be a creepy sleazeball.

He is the sort who meets bartenders, comes onto them immediately, and then sends them a Facebook friend request.

He is the sort who asks the bartender for a date within two minutes of meeting her, but then leaves in order to take a necessary ride on the exercise bike in his lofty apartment.

He is the sort who, once the bartender replies to his friend request, says that he's just "chilling at my house -- any interest in joining?"

Naturally, when she arrives at his door, he needs his gadget to remind him of who she is.

Because his augmented reality glasses are so magnetic that, well, you never know who might be there.

With a voice that sounds like a cross between a train station announcer and a 1970s porn movie overdub, this man has all the character of a beige Toyota Tercel and all the creepiness of the producer of "Tansy Tries Toledo."

Infinity AR's own press release explains the video's popularity like this: "The extraordinary success of the video is due in part to the vivid display of people using the multitude of applications of Infinity AR's unique platform to enhance their lives, but mostly because of the demand for this hot new technology."

Gosh, and I thought that it was because viewers admired how Ferrari Man was so vividly clever in knowing that the bartender's favorite drink was sauvignon blanc.

In the next episode, Ferrari Man goes out to bars, wears his fine glasses and tries to pick up another bartender.

She slaps him in the chops for cyberstalking her and using the camera in his glasses to take surreptitious shots of her curvy person.

He loses his apartment and his exercise bike, as New York lawyers' fees are gargantuan.

On leaving jail, the only job he can get is manager of a strip club.

Google Glass is banned there.

Tough choice. InfinityAR/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET
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