Why bones break more easily after 50 (video)

A scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory seeks to discover why bones deteriorate as they age in the hopes of finding more effective ways to make them stronger.

Here's some bone-chilling news: The chance of breaking a bone increases significantly after age 50, especially for women. We know bones lose mass as they age. However, a scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory says what makes them become brittle is more complicated than that.

Robert Ritchie, a materials scientist at the lab, is trying to figure out why bones break so easily in older adults. While a lot of work has been done looking at the loss of quantity of bone, Ritchie and his team are focusing on another issue: quality. Specifically, how bones deteriorate. SmartPlanet interviewed Ritchie about his research.

This video first appeared at SmartPlanet under the headline "Ghoulish reasons why bones break easily after 50"

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