Whole Foods Bowery, NYC dotcom party hotspot

The second Web-centric party (to my knowledge) to be held at the downtown mega-supermarket

Looks like I spoke too soon when I made fun of the nascent phenomenon of dotcoms throwing parties at the Whole Foods Bowery supermarket. Last month, it was a new hyperlocal social network; this month, it's urban uberblog Gothamist. And it's not just any party--it's "Check Out," described as "a delicious event for delicious singles."

I should stress once again the absurdity of it all: the historically edgy gangland of the Bowery, now home to a massive upscale supermarket that hosts singles mixers in conjunction with urban blog networks.


It's almost ironically appropriate, as it's common wisdom around town that Whole Foods is a notorious pick-up spot for "the young, wealthy, and healthy" (thanks, Gawker). But if you find it a little too daring to approach that cutie with the yoga bag to tell her that you're into Organic Cow 2-percent milk, too, well, maybe a pre-organized mixer is your ticket to yuppie dating nirvana.

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