Whoa. Shiprock is actually named after something

Turns out the piece of rock named Shiprock does sort of resemble a ship. A really, really, really big one.

The 'shiprock,' a giant rock formation that's also a sacred Navajo site, is located outside, appropriately enough, Shiprock, N.M. Daniel Terdiman/CNET News.com

SHIPROCK, N.M.--When I was looking at the map, trying to figure out how to get from Taos, N.M., to the north rim of the Grand Canyon, I saw that the road would take me through this little town.

At the time, it didn't occur to me that the town's name might be meaningful.

Well, until I drove through, on Road Trip 2007, my journey around the Southwest looking for the best of science, technology and nature.

And lo and behold, even before you get to Shiprock, off in the distance, a gigantic--and I do mean gigantic--piece of rock begins to dominate the horizon.

And as you get closer, you see that the rock--a sacred Navajo site--does sort of resemble a ship. A really, really, really big one.

I guess that will teach me to think people do things for no reason.

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