Who has the greenest car of all?

Citroen beats Toyota, Honda in environmental contest

Pop quiz: Which automaker just won an international competition for the greenest car? Hint: It's not Toyota, Honda or any U.S. company.

This year's GreenFleet award goes to ... Citroen. "In the last four years, Citroen has sold more well over a million fuel-efficient vehicles in Europe" and "has been committed to using biofuels in its engines since March 1998," according to the judges of the U.K. contest, which was created to promote environmental awareness among transportation companies.>

Toyota and Honda, which apparently were runners-up, coincidentally came out on top of a fuel economy survey just released by the U.S. government. Did the France-based Citroen have an edge in the GreenFleet competition because it's a European company? We would never suggest such a thing.

(Photo: Citroen)

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