White House e-mails, the latest chapter

Now we learn that almost 90 White House officials used RNC e-mail servers.

White House, a fountain of emails Whitehouse.gov

New stuff coming out in the White House email saga. When last we reported we had been told about 50 staffers used private e-mail service while at work. And we explained how hard it would be to truly delete any of those e-mails. Now the congressional investigators say at least 88 White House staff members used a private e-mail service provided by the Republican National Committee (RNC). So far Congress and the RNC have spent two months negotiating about access to those e-mails and even data about the e-mails.

Today's reports say adviser Karl Rove alone has more than 150,000 e-mails still on RNC servers. Whether Congress gets those or any of the e-mails of the other 87 RNC accounts remains to be seen. Inevitably, Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez is an the center of this story as well. He was White House counsel when many of the accounts were used. Now there are questions from Democrats: did Gonzalez know such e-mails were being used to skirt the law requiring all official communications be recorded and preserved?

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