Whip up a hot sandwich behind the wheel

It helps with smaller portions too.

S. King

If you ever visit a nutritionist or personal trainer, eventually the conversation will turn to "portion control"--a euphemism for "don't eat so much, you pig." And that concept is especially important to one of the most insidious diet busters of all, the car snack.

Here's one way to find out if you fit this category: Do you keep a portable microwave on the passenger seat? For those who do, there's a new way to downsize those mobile meals.

Gadgetizer says the "Road Pro 12 Volt Sandwich Maker" will whip up a hot hoagie while conveniently plugged into the cigarette lighter. Its menu may be limited, but it's a lot easier than lugging around an " iWavecube " or, for those with George Foreman appetites, a " Tailgating Trailer ." Now if they can just figure out a way to include a built-in LCD .



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