Which keyboard will emerge victorious in our Logitech civil war?

Which keyboard will emerge the victor in our Logitech Civil War?

Back in September, we introduced you to Logitech's newest diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks. CNET's Rich Brown expressed confusion as to why we actually need a "for Notebooks" model, and after doing a full-length review, I must agree. There's absolutely nothing about the diNovo for Notebooks that makes it strictly for laptops. Well, there is one tiny little key: the eject button. Although, that can still be used for desktops, so I guess that designator means nothing- it's all marketing.

That's not to say that we didn't like the keyboard itself, though. It looks and performance almost exactly the same as the Logitech diNovo Mac Edition, except for a few different shortcut and Windows keys. Both keyboards integrate Logitech's PerfectStroke key design that we're loving more and more as the days go on. The shortcut keys on the top row make it easy to open your most popular applications, and, of course, they're all reprogrammable thanks to Logitech's SetPoint desktop software. Unfortunately, both diNovos suffer from the same shortcomings as well. Neither give you control over angle ergonomics, nor do they include integrated USB ports or backlit keys. The diNovo for Notebooks also daringly boasts the same $100 price tag, which we think is a little too much to charge for a keyboard lacking so many extra features.

Check out our full review of the Logitech diNovo for Notebooks.

After reviewing the Logitech Illuminated Keyboard, the diNovo for Mac, and the diNovo for Notebooks, our day-to-day favorite by a long shot is the Illuminated Keyboard. The backlit keys are a huge help in the dark, two feet on the bottom let you adjust the angle of the keys, and the uniformly flat surface area makes things super comfortable on your wrists. Finally, the $80 price tag is easy on the wallet and helps us forget about its lack of USB extension ports.
Read our full review of the Logitech diNovo Illuminated Keyboard.

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