Which Apple announcement excited you most? (poll)

Apple introduced plenty of new goodies on Tuesday, and we want to know which, if any, most sparked your iDesire.

James Martin/CNET

Apple on Tuesday introduced its new iPad Air, a Retina Display iPad Mini, a new Mac Pro, and even a free upgrade to OS X Mavericks in a single step for Mac users still working on hardware as far back as an iMac from 2007.

There was no mention of an iWatch or the long-awaited and nearly mythical Apple HDTV, but clearly Tuesday's media event still served up plenty for Apple fans to get excited about.

We put it to you, CNET legionnaires: which bit of hardware or software news from Cupertino had you running to Apple.com as fast as your little piggies could type out the URL to learn more?

Did you immediately start downloading your free upgrade of OS X Mavericks, or did you find yourself agonizing over whether silver or space gray better matches your personality? Or perhaps you could not care less about anything Apple announced, in which case we wonder how you ended up on this page. But still... welcome, and take our poll!

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