WHERE: widgets for your phone

uLocate has a new service called WHERE widgets for your GPS-enabled phone.


With the release of Apple's iPhone just a few months away, we're already seeing phone companies scramble to to keep customers by adding value to their phones and services. WHERE, from start-up uLocate, is no different, providing a bevy of GPS-enabled widgets for mobile phones while managing to use a drag-and-drop Web interface. Subscription to and use of the widgets requires a monthly fee of $2.99. For now, the service works with only six of Sprint's handsets, though about a dozen more are being added next Monday.

The widgets range from weather information providers to locators for bars and restaurants. Users can create their own widgets by joining the WHERE Developer Program. It's free if you've got a Sprint handset and are paying for a WHERE subscription. uLocate also created Helio's Buddy Beacon and MapQuest Find Me.

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